Wednesday, July 19, 2023


B(oppen/arbie)heimer is a movie event fad now due to Barbie v(ersu)s Oppenheimer. There are already YouTube videos like 2.4 minutes Barbenheimer | The Movie (seen on VideoSift) and 1.5 minutes Oppenheimer, but with Barbies - Barbenheimer (sweded). More are probably coming soon and will be shared in here. Also, a related poll:


Ant said...

Reddit has many links! Too many to post so just go there!

Ant said...

Openheimer was good (7/10) even though it was a bit too long and had annoying sex scenes. Also, not on IMAX but at least the local theatre was remodelled with upgrades so it wasn't bad. Also, finally used the free ticket vouchers from 2018 and 2019 with two old college buds whom he hasn't seen since summer of 2008 and 5/7/2011.

Ant said...

Oppenheimer > Barbie