Sunday, March 20, 2022

Free Online Color Challenge and Hue Test; X-Rite

07:18AM m> Tarzan (>

07:18AM URL> [url] Free Online Color Challenge and Hue Test; X-Rite |


[07:19am] * BetaAnt denies its cookie requests.
[07:19am] BetaAnt> eh my monitor isn't great and using VGA.
07:20AM Tarzan> so you're on hard mode
07:21AM Tarzan> you're up early Ant
[07:21am] BetaAnt> duh, scroll up.
07:21AM Bender> You should scroll up. ;P
[07:21am] * BetaAnt slept like 8 hrs.
[07:21am] BetaAnt> And my back hurts from it. :(
[07:21am] BetaAnt> I remember this color test from many years ago.
[07:22am] BetaAnt> Wow. 0.
[07:23am] BetaAnt> "
[07:23am] BetaAnt> Score: 0
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Gender  Male
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Select Age Range  40 - 49
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Best Score for your Gender  0
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Worst Score for your Gender  1700045439
[07:23am] BetaAnt> About your score: A lower score is better, with ZERO being
          a perfect score. The circle graph displays the regions of the color
          spectrum where your hue discrimination is low.
[07:23am] BetaAnt> "
[07:23am] BetaAnt> I guess my old compund eyes and display setups are still
[07:24am] BetaAnt> Tarzan++
07:24AM Bender> BetaAnt: Tarzan now has -22 points!
[07:24am] BetaAnt> I'm hungry!
[07:24am] BetaAnt> Please feed me.
[07:24am] BetaAnt> MEOW
07:24AM Tarzan> Holey crap Ant
07:24AM Tarzan> thats awesome!