Saturday, October 26, 2019

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Babylon Bee | Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire.

Thule recently shared a funny satire web site, Babylon Bee | Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire." It's basically like The Onion.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

2/Two Animated Overwatch v(ersu)s Team Fortress (TF2) Source Filmmaker (SFM) Shorts

11:41PM ��� Mousey [] has joined ...
[03:30pm] Ant> Wow. TF2 is 12 now.
04:23PM Mousey> wow
[04:54pm] Ant> Played TF2 lately? :P
[04:54pm] Ant> afk
05:00PM Mousey> no
05:00PM Mousey> tho
05:00PM URL> [ Overwatch vs. TF2 [SFM] - YouTube ] -
08:49PM Mousey> Ant, there's a second episode:
08:49PM Mousey>
08:49PM URL> [ Overwatch vs. TF2: Episode 2 [SFM] - YouTube ] -
[08:56pm] Ant> !!
[08:56pm] * Ant leeches!
[09:19pm] * Ant watches it now.
[09:23pm] Ant> Mousey: Funny! mOre please!
[09:25pm] Ant> Mousey++
Basically, they are short funny animation videos showing "The age old rivalry will be settled once and for all..." twice.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The images that capture a phone-less world.

Blue's News shared a BBC article, with its embedded two minutes and 53 seconds photographic slide show video showing "The images that capture a phone-less world -- A series of photos called 'Removed' by US photographer Eric Pickersgill shows people staring into the space where their phone usually is."

This old ant ant still remembers the old days of being phone-less. :P

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Why Planes Don't Fly Over the Pacific Ocean

VideoSift shared an interesting nine minutes YouTube video showing "Why Planes Don't Fly Over the Pacific Ocean -- Why do airlines avoid the Pacific Ocean? You might think it was a safety issue. The Pacific is the largest and deepest of the world’s oceans. If a plane encounters a problem over a seemingly endless and bottomless pond of water, the pilots are going to have a rough time finding a safe spot to set her down.

Guessing that it is a safety precaution wouldn't be entirely wrong. When planning a route, many pilots prefer to maximize the number of airports along their path. Emergencies are incredibly rare relative to how many planes take to the skies every day. That said, it isn’t the main reason airlines tend to avoid making a straight shot east to west..."