Monday, June 5, 2023

The Oregon Trail Tombstone Generator

"Oregon Trail Tombstone Generator is based on the classic Apple IIe game, The Oregon Trail. Relive the joy of seeing your friends' tombstones along the Oregon Trail by filling in the form..."

Here is a chat transcription and result example below:

    [06:58pm] Ant> omg my fatr smells
    [06:58pm] Ant> wow
    06:58PM tarzan2[m]> Lol
    06:59PM tarzan2[m]> Don't die from your fart
    [06:59pm] * Ant passes out.
    [06:59pm] Ant> (afk)
    06:59PM tarzan2[m]> That would be a hell of a tombstone
    06:59PM tarzan2[m]> K
    [07:00pm] Ant>
    07:00PM URL> [url] Oregon Trail Tombstone Generator |
    [07:00pm] Ant> afk 4 real
    07:00PM tarzan2[m]> Lol
    [07:12pm] Ant> Wow. I didn't set my vibrator alarm's clock correctly. It was at 7:12 AM PDT instead of PM. :( damn you, yesterday mawny's power outage
    [07:18pm] * Ant notes v2 doesn't have this old
    07:18PM URL> [url] Oregon Trail Tombstone Generator |
    [07:18pm] * Ant reposts.

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Ant said...

Last night, Ant got addicted to replaying The Oregon Trail, but in two online emulated very old MacOS (crossed the first river and everyone died -- oops!) and MS-DOS (everyone died before reaching the end: #1 and #2) since he has never played them before. Ant would love to play the original mainframe text version. Does it exist out there to try?