Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tubetris Deluxe Game = Pipe Dream + Tetris games.

Technostaglic has a HTML5 puzzle game -- "Tubetris Deluxe inherits key features from both the classic row-completing puzzle game, Tetris, and the pipe connecting arcade puzzle game, Pipe Dream.

The gameplay is defined by the characteristic slowly-dropping tetromino-style pieces where each tile consists of a pipe that you have to connect with previously fallen pipe tiles. The motivation to create long interconnected pipe systems through the falling pipe-tetrominoes is driven by the special 'ball' object that you get to choose where to place and roll through the pipe systems that have been placed. The more pipes that the ball is able to come in contact with, the more points you will earn! ...

Thanks Eli the Bearded from rec.games.video.arcade, alt.games.mame, and rec.games.mame newsgroups. Your old school video gamer's first attempt resulted ranking at unlucky (4/four)th place on the scoreboard with 10,170 points at level three/3. That was interesting and hard.

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