Friday, January 1, 2021

:) NY & a poll!

Happy new year (:) NY)! Hopefully, you and others were doing OK(ay) during the crazy, rough, deadly (too many sickness and deaths even with those this old ant knew :~(), unlucky, etc. 2020 year. Hopefully, the new year (2021) will be better.

As for this old ant, it had been pretty much the same as in the past except getting infected by a virus like he usually do almost every year like the flu. Thanks God that He prepared his loving colony to live in a big rural area and do a lot activities (e.g., helping to do works like cleaning, repairing, moving, watching, yarding, etc. offline and online with the internet [all not paid, but exercising for our old bodies]) to stay busy (rarely bored and slow even though this ant is not employed as usual [gave up on searching until things get better]). This old ant still struggled with the motivations, slowness, health issues (tired more since not sleeping well and a lot overnight and overnapping a lot these days too and started wearing diapers when out due to limited access to possible contaminated restrooms) and disabilities, but is doing OK even though life got harder and stricter (less going out with others like eating out, monthly haircut appointments, didn't even go to the monthly dentist appointments for about seven months, etc. This ant still walked over mile outside the nest most of the times except when sick and the air was very bad like from the scary fires and their smokes. Wearing two masks and hoodies at the same time isn't fun too.). Ironically, Ant is about ten pounds heavier than last year too even though trying to stay active. Weird/Odd. Too many unexpectations!

Here's a related poll:


Ant said...

So far, it's the same. Not better or worse so far.

Ant said...

2021 is really weird. It's like quieter than the previous years. Today is very quiet so far like Mondays. :O