Friday, June 21, 2019

Stupid Thursday, 6/20/2019!

This old ant slipped and fell onto his old arse hard on the dirt ground in the nest's rural backyard. Also got two mosquito bites on the right hand while collecting peeled tree barks. Ant literally felt and saw a big black mosquito sucking precious blood after 3 PM PDT when the weather was about 70F degrees! Right now, the right hand is itching with two red bumps and the abdomen hurts while moving. Also, the popped swollen failed root canal gum bump still hurting and bleeding from Wednesday night. Argh! :( Here's a poll about your Thursday, 6/20/2019:


  1. And again, but on my right side during a rural backyard's peeled trees' barks clean up. At least, this didn't hurt so bad. However, the arse still hurts but slowly getting better. Gum bump is flattened with a scar hole for now. Still itchy too all over including those two mosquito bites. :(

  2. Argh. The rear bump's bone joint still hurts. Also, the left side of neck hurts with its tiny bug (mosquito?) bites. Still itchy all over. Life is crazy BUSY and sucky. :(