Monday, April 1, 2019

Should Ant be the next President of the United States of America (USA)?

Please kindly vote below:Also, April Fools! :P

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  1. On 3/30/2019:
    ��� Topic (#linux): changed by Ant: Bday, Matrix!
    [10:50am] Ant> acutualoly
    [10:50am] Ant> er actually
    ��� Topic (#linux): changed by Ant: Matrix is 20!
    10:51AM Mousey> dang
    [10:51am] Ant> Different release dates around the world.
    [10:51am] Ant> "Woah."
    [10:53am] Ant> Go hack with AS.
    [10:53am] Ant> He's hacking.
    10:53AM Mousey> i msg'd him already. he's too busy for me i guess
    [10:53am] * Ant changes avatar to Matrix Ant.
    [10:53am] Ant>
    [10:54am] Ant> Hack him?
    10:54AM Mousey> not that kinda hack
    [10:54am] Ant> HACK THE PLANET!
    10:54AM Bender> HACK THE PLANET!!!!!!!!
    [10:54am] Ant> Bender++
    10:54AM Bender> Ant: =D
    [10:54am] Ant> Hack like Neo!
    10:54AM Mousey> The future is a myth created by insurance salesmen and high school counselors. --fortune file
    [10:54am] Ant> Today's e-mailed fortune was lame.
    [10:54am] Ant> Something about me being a political leader in the future.
    10:55AM Mousey> Ant for President!
    10:55AM Mousey> ANT2020!!
    10:55am] Ant> Wanna be my VP?
    10:55AM Mousey> that's awesome
    10:55AM Mousey> sure, i'll LEAD FROM THE SHADOWS
    [10:55am] Ant> I will be worse than DJT!
    [10:55am] Ant> :D
    10:55AM Mousey> util can be chief of staff
    10:56AM Mousey> AfterShock can be press secretary!
    [10:56am] Ant> Not FBI dir?
    [10:56am] Ant> AfterShock would be as a cybersecurity dir?
    [10:56am] Ant> Cyberdefense
    10:56AM Mousey> no, that's util's job
    10:56AM Bender> no, that's the case from my house.
    10:56AM Mousey> Ulic can command the Space Force
    10:57AM Mousey> jeffgus will be appointed to run the FCC
    [10:57am] Ant> Ulic would be better as a secret service.
    [10:57am] Ant> He has the Force, light saber, etc.
    10:57AM Mousey> jeffgus will be appointed to run the FCC
    10:59AM Mousey> i think we can do it
    10:59AM Mousey> ANT2020
    10:59AM Mousey> you were born here, rt?
    [10:59am] Ant> yes sir
    10:59AM Mousey> WOO! \o/;
    [10:59am] Ant> NY, baby!
    10:59AM Mousey> it's on
    11:00AM Mousey> i'll get posters and stickers started.
    [11:00am] Ant> OK
    11:00AM Mousey> we'll need an army of idealistic college kids to staff all the campaign centers
    [11:00am] Ant> I will just twiddle with my feelers/antennae.
    [11:00am] Ant> OK
    11:00AM Mousey> rt
    11:00am] Ant> lt
    11:00AM Mousey> rt
    11:00am] Ant> lt
    11:00AM Mousey> up
    11:00am] Ant> fw
    11:00AM Mousey> BZZZT
    11:00am] Ant> FAILED
    11:00am] Ant> You failed LOGO.
    11:00AM Mousey> maybe next time
    11:01AM Mousey> i was going for konami code
    11:01am] Ant> Oh for this politic game?
    11:01am] Ant> OK
    11:01AM Mousey> ANT2020
    11:15am] Ant> We need someone to do an official PR to release on Mon.
    [11:15am] Ant> Can you do that, Mousey?
    11:16AM Mousey> i'm vice president, so no.
    [11:16am] Ant> Write it up and email it to me to send out.
    [11:16am] Ant> Who can do it?
    11:16AM Mousey> hmm