Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A slammy week, hump day, and a Die Hard poll!

A crazy slammy week so far especially today for this ant and the colony outings (almost three weeks for this hermit ant going farther than about 1,133 ft./345 m/.214 mi. radius since Thanksgiving 2018 day -- a new life record?), a couple appointments, tedious shopping, etc. More to come again later on this and next weeks and still unemployed (soon to be hitting a couple years on CATurday). :(

Also, a Die Hard (this ant should rewatch it since its uhh LaserDisc days?) + (Christ/X)mas poll below:


  1. This ant just finished rewatching most of it in high definition (HD) after seeing it on LaserDisc(?) during the teen(ager) days. It was still rad(ical). And yes, it is a Christmas ACTION movie! :D