Monday, May 9, 2022

Segmented Displays

This almost fourteen minutes YouTube video shows "Segmented Displays -- About segments, the 7 segment display and alternative designs..."

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Batman

Ant, a Batman fan but not a comic book reader, saw The Batman (2022). It was very different than the previous movies like Christopher Nolan's. Slower pace, longer, less actions, etc. 6/10. Tim Burton's and Christopher Nolan's versions were better. Also, this one was like Fox's Gotham too which was enjoyable. Ant was hoping to get into it when starting watching Batman Begins. :/ There is also a deleted scene of Joker (also saw this standalone movie on Caturday -- it was OK too [random laughter])! It can be seen on YouTube and HBO Max.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Free Online Color Challenge and Hue Test; X-Rite

07:18AM m> Tarzan (>

07:18AM URL> [url] Free Online Color Challenge and Hue Test; X-Rite |


[07:19am] * BetaAnt denies its cookie requests.
[07:19am] BetaAnt> eh my monitor isn't great and using VGA.
07:20AM Tarzan> so you're on hard mode
07:21AM Tarzan> you're up early Ant
[07:21am] BetaAnt> duh, scroll up.
07:21AM Bender> You should scroll up. ;P
[07:21am] * BetaAnt slept like 8 hrs.
[07:21am] BetaAnt> And my back hurts from it. :(
[07:21am] BetaAnt> I remember this color test from many years ago.
[07:22am] BetaAnt> Wow. 0.
[07:23am] BetaAnt> "
[07:23am] BetaAnt> Score: 0
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Gender  Male
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Select Age Range  40 - 49
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Best Score for your Gender  0
[07:23am] BetaAnt>     Worst Score for your Gender  1700045439
[07:23am] BetaAnt> About your score: A lower score is better, with ZERO being
          a perfect score. The circle graph displays the regions of the color
          spectrum where your hue discrimination is low.
[07:23am] BetaAnt> "
[07:23am] BetaAnt> I guess my old compund eyes and display setups are still
[07:24am] BetaAnt> Tarzan++
07:24AM Bender> BetaAnt: Tarzan now has -22 points!
[07:24am] BetaAnt> I'm hungry!
[07:24am] BetaAnt> Please feed me.
[07:24am] BetaAnt> MEOW
07:24AM Tarzan> Holey crap Ant
07:24AM Tarzan> thats awesome!

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Beijing's Winter Olympics 2022 Poll

2008's ceremonies (skipped most of the long speeches, interviews, and flag parade) were still the best to this old Chinese insect. However, this insect doesn't watch many sports. Also, Bing Dwen Dewn is sad. Hopefully, Paralympic's will be good next month!

Friday, February 18, 2022

Cardinal Chains -- A free puzzle game. has free (online and downloadable to computers' Windows, macOS, and Linux) "Cardinal Chains -- A minimalist puzzle game centering on the concept of non-decreasing sequences. Each puzzle begins with a monochrome grid of numbers, plus a few colored cells marked with an X. Starting at these cells, you must link up numbers in non-decreasing order until the whole grid is filled with color..."

Your overlord got up to level 35 before giving up.

Seen on Game Bundle News.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Up Left Out -- A puzzle game about unlocking.

Up Left Out is "a puzzle game about unlocking stuff. As always it's a minimal experience with no text at all. Free web version with totally different levels:"

Your old school gamer got up to level 9/nine (the online version doesn't show its number) and gave up after getting stuck on how to start. :(